Most people seem to think that Nepal is just one giant trekking trail sprinkled generously with kids with running noses. We admit that they (both the Himalayan vistas & the kids) make for great photos, but Nepal is definitely much more than that. There’s culture, there’s adventure, there’s spirituality – there is a great experience waiting for you out there.

We believe Nepal is fantastic, and we want to show it to you the fantastic way! You could be jumping from a bridge 300 m above ground or driving with your family for a nice picnic in the jungle, you could be swept off your feet by the Himalayan views or be having your mind blown by the local artisan, you could be here for a 100 different reasons, we’ll take care of you like long lost friends. That means we’ll show you the best places, introduce you to the best people, and make sure you’re having the time of your life to make memories for old age.

It is not what you do in Nepal, it is how you do it. The experience is what we focus on. No matter what the activity you’ve chosen, we want you to have a great time doing it. We want you to be smiling and as excited as each person in all those pictures we have peppered all over our site. And at the end of the trip, when we ask you how it was, we want to hear you say the words, “It was FANTASTIC!!”

Sounds exciting? Sounds fun? See you soon!!